Mena High School EAST is pleased to be receiving a grant in the amount of $2,000.00 from Walmart for the our community mapping projects. 

Currently, we are helping the Mena Fire Department map fire hydrants in our city limits.  We are providing them with satellite image maps of the new and updated hydrant locations and information about the hydrants such as rated gallons per minute and number of hose/pump connectors, etc.  The idea is to help in response times in the planning of hydrant use during fire crisis since the maps will be readily available by phone app.  In the process, students are learning to use a robust software called ArcGIS.  There are many high paying jobs in many different work fields for those who can use this mapping software. 

We will be using the money to purchase additional collection devices, and to pay students for their work through the summer on our projects. We have additional mapping projects that should keep us busy throughout the summer.