Operation:Prom Showcases Devastation of Drunk Driving

With Mena High School students set to enjoy the 2018 Prom this Saturday night, the current Juniors and Seniors were witness to the Operation:Prom demonstration at the Polk County Fairgrounds on Tuesday morning. Operation:Prom is a life-like simulation of a two-vehicle DWI accident, with one of the vehicles being driven by an intoxicated high school student after prom. The simulation showcases everything that takes place from the time an accident occurs, until the time the deceased crash victims are transported away by the Polk County Coroner. The demonstration is carried out by local law enforcement to capture the devastation and emotions of a DWI fatal accident.

This simulation involves the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, Southwest EMS paramedics, the Mena Fire Department, Arkansas State Police, area first responders, the Polk County Coroner, and various other emergency personnel and law enforcement. This demonstration also serves as a training exercise for the various departments involved.

This demonstration is held every two years, in order to allow students to experience the reality of this tragedy, and showcase the dangers of driving while intoxicated. This Saturday, April 21, will be prom night for Mena, Acorn, and Cossatot River.