The Mena School Board held their regular June meeting on Tuesday evening at the District Administration Building.

The meeting began with a brief Superintendent’s report from Dr. Lee Smith. He stated that work on a new Mission and Vision Statement had been completed for the district. This effort has been a lengthy process with input from patrons as well as classified and certified personnel. The document reflects the core values of the district and direction for the future. Smith also asked that the adoption of the statement be added to the night’s agenda.

Dr. Smith was also happy to report that the Mena Public Schools had been awarded a $65,000.00 grant for tier one mathematics. The grant will be used to update curriculum and insure improvements across the math program.

Next was the appointment of a board member to the zone 4 seat. No one filed for the seat in the recent school board election. Clint Montgomery resides in zone 4 and expressed a desire to remain on the board. After a brief discussion the action was approved.

It was at this point that the new Mission and Vision Statement was added to the agenda. It was quickly adopted and approved by the board. It will be released to the public in the very near future.

The board then approved the hiring of an additional school security officer for the 2022/2023 school year. School security is always at the forefront and even more so in light of recent events across the country. Dr. Smith stated that safety will be an even bigger focus when the school year begins.

Next on the agenda was the transfer of funds in compliance with ACT 1105 of 2017. Each year at this time the district is required to transfer excess revenue over 20% of the budget to the building fund. That transfer was approved.

Assistant Superintendent Bridget Buckley then addressed the board concerning policy updates to the policies of the Arkansas School Board Association and the 2022 Fiscal Session. Most were minor changes in wording. One change of note was the moving of the  deadline for the annual report to the public. It must now be completed and be available for public view by August 1st. The previous deadline had been October 1st

District Maintenance Supervisor Danny Minton shared a facilities update.  He began by asking the board to approve a bid for repair and replacement of 61 toilets at Mena High School. The low bid by L&M Plumbing of Mena at just over $15,000.00 was approved.

Minton then asked the board’s approval on bids for a project to replace locks and latches on the doors at Mena Middle School. Two bids were received and the board approved the low bid of $25,169.00 by the Wesche Co. of Springdale. These had become problematic and with an emphasis on security in the coming year it was important that the issue be addressed.  

Mr. Minton also said that he expects the new turf project at Bob Carver Bearcat Stadium to be completed by this Friday. Dirt work will begin immediately after, followed by an extensive paving project that will keep the stadium and track closed to the public for several more weeks.

Work continues on the traditional summer projects & several options are also under consideration to fix the drainage issues below the home stands at BCBS.

The board then approved the renewal of the building and property insurance for 2022/2023. The district had a 2% increase in coverage and a premium increase of $18,833.00.

Next the board approved the switch from AR Live to Bollinger and Co. for supplemental student accident insurance for 2022/2023. That premium was actually $5,600 less than last year at $28,202.00.

The board then approved the financial reports and Dr. Smith said that revenue continues to outpace expenses and the district remains on target and on budget.

Personnel was next on the agenda and there were 

a good number of changes.


Sherry Wood- LPN MMS


Ashley Stipe- Para MMS

Lisa Standridge- Teacher HHE

One Month Contract

Curtis Black- Principal LDE


Max Hartwig – Bus Driver from D route to A route

Andrea Blair- MHS SPED self-contained to HHE Resource Classroom

Wanalynn Alexander – From MMS Resource to MHS self-contained

Susan Tyler – MHS Resource to MMS Resource

Samantha Breedlove – MHS Literacy to MHS Resource

Heather Catlett – From MHS Social Studies to MHS JAG on a 210 day contract

Deedra Hooker – From MHS English to MHS Social Studies


Mona Davis – Bus Driver – A.M. only C route

Rebecca Sprague – Bus Driver C route

Debra Gagnon – Bus Driver D route

David Chaney – MMS Band Director

Kristin Albin – MHS English

Holly Weiser – MHS Science

Maranda Cash – MHS English

Abigail Denton – MMS SPED Self Contained

Finally all board members were reappointed to the same committees that they had been a part of in 2021 & new officers were elected.

President – Kyle Cannon

Vice President – Susan Rowell

Secretary – Robert Hines