Holli Plunkett represented the High-Reliability Teacher program and Louise Durham Elementary in a presentation to the Henderson State University Advisory Council meeting this morning. We are so proud of the way she represented Team Mena. Way to go Mrs. Plunkett!
about 7 hours ago, Mark Hobson
Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has declared the last Wednesday in September as “A Day of Prayer for Arkansas Students”. Governor Hutchinson encourages all citizens of all faiths and backgrounds to voluntarily join in prayer for the success and safety of our students. https://adecm.ade.arkansas.gov/Attachments/2021_A_Day_of_Prayer_for_Arkansas_Students_(September)_93rd_General_Assembly_190228.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2lKrp6fWqcXB5Yo8dKRpjkj1QynqFNIsTHJaF_-5iggOonb7uZZWB6R7E
about 10 hours ago, Mark Hobson
Coming soon to FM101 weekends !!! https://www.facebook.com/Arkansongs
1 day ago, Mark Hobson
Thankful for the Bearcats coming to greet our students at Louise Durham on Homecoming morning!
4 days ago, Mark Hobson
LDE students cheered on the Bearcats this morning at the homecoming pep rally! Go Cats!
4 days ago, Mark Hobson
Students from MHS. MMS, HHE & LDE attended the Homecoming Pep Rally on Friday at Bob Carver Bearcat Stadium. The court was beautiful, the crowd was rowdy & everyone is sufficiently pumped for a big win over Waldron !!! GO BEARCATS!!!!
4 days ago, Mark Hobson
Mrs. Floyd's Fabulous Firsties celebrated Johnny Appleseed by dressing up and making applesauce!!!
5 days ago, Mark Hobson
Congratulations to JESSICA NICHOLSON & LAUREN GAGE who won prizes by registering at the Mena Public School booth at this year's Polk County Fair. Jessica won the cutting board from the Mena FFA and Lauren won the Washburn's Gift Certificate.
13 days ago, Mark Hobson
It was Reading Pet Adoption Day in Mrs. Plunkett's Second Fiesta.Thank you to Mammy (Noveta Leming) for supplying our reading pets! We will take these home and have someone to read to every night!
13 days ago, Mark Hobson
Mrs. Smith's Kinder Kids are busy bees !
18 days ago, Mark Hobson
Mrs. Smith's Kinder Kids enjoyed reading “Huggapotamus” and talking about being a good friend.
18 days ago, Mark Hobson
The September reading challenge has begun for Mrs. Floyd’s Fabulous Firsties! Students are encouraged to read 4 fiction books this month and share what they read with others in a fun way. This week we all chose to make bookmarks about Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse. If you’d like to know what this story is about, just ask a firstie!
19 days ago, Mark Hobson
Let's talk about a good book! Mrs. William's has been visiting classrooms from Kindergarten to Second grade to model and teach the importance of book talks. Book talks allow us to tell others about great books we have read. We love reading at Louise Durham so talking about what we are reading is so much fun!! 📚📚
19 days ago, Mark Hobson
Sept 7-10 Mena School District Meal Order Form 20-21, For PCVA Students and Children 18 and under not enrolled in school https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdMEv4d6j_1swFkNTSKbHhd6C2GE_amO2p5mGX8jB6hM8iJGA/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0
21 days ago, Mark Hobson
Flashlight reading ➕ buddy reading ➕ using nature to learn phonics rules = 1 amazing week for Mrs. Floyd’s Fabulous Firsties .
25 days ago, Mark Hobson
Stop by the Mena Public Schools booth ,in the commercial building, at the Polk County Fair. You can register to win a cutting board created by Mena FFA & a $300.00 gift certicate from Washburns Home Furnishings.
27 days ago, Mark Hobson
Monday, September 6th is the Labor Day Holiday. Mena Public Schools will be closed... We hope you enjoy the three day weekend & we will see you bright and early on Tuesday... GO BEARCATS!!!!
27 days ago, Mark Hobson
Our AMAZING librarian, Tiffany Williams, came to see Mrs. Bentley's Super Second Graders to model how to do a Book Talk. We’ve started the process, and they are doing so great
28 days ago, Mark Hobson
Sept 7-10 Mena School District Meal Order Form 20-21, For PCVA Students and Children 18 and under not enrolled in school https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdJUeuud_OF-WGq0erDzVJO4miHUGwS4f4_ftPjFzGZkFIYfw/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0
29 days ago, Mark Hobson
Mrs. Floyd's Fabulous Firsties found some very fun ways to learn this week! We also made some creative art for the fair. You’ll have to look for our fair display to see our wonderful finished products!
about 1 month ago, Mark Hobson