Mena Public Schools’

Mission ~ Vision ~ Values ~ Beliefs

At Mena Public Schools we believe that…

  • Every person in our district possesses unique and valuable talents that may serve our school and community.

  • Every person in our district will prosper from working together for the shared benefit of our community’s future.

  • Every person in our district will find value in learning by developing a personal vision using their abilities in a positive manner.

  • Every person in our district will feel physically and emotionally safe in order to fully develop their vision.

At Mena Public Schools we value…

  • Service to others above self.

  • Accountability for our actions and the outcomes they create.

  • Our relationships with each other and the community we serve.

  • Skills and ideas that sharpen our knowledge and ability.

  • The mindset that failure is something we learn from and overcome.

  • Individuals who are actively taking opportunities to improve themselves.

  • Empowerment that comes from the trust and support of those with which we learn and work.

  • A mentality that replaces excuses with hard work, determination, high expectations, imagination, creativity, worthwhile risks, and GRIT!

Our Mission

Mena Public Schools exists to serve our community by instilling an individualized purpose in our students and staff, which creates a better community for all generations to live and work. Skills and talents are strengthened by opportunities for growth provided by both community and curriculum. This purpose is a source of pride because no dream is diminished or demeaned by another. 

Mena Public Schools values determination, perseverance, and personal growth. We exemplify personal accountability by celebrating successes and learning from failures without abandoning purpose.

At Mena Public Schools, our students are prepared, our staff is supported, and our community is confident.

Our Vision

Mena Public Schools envisions a future where all students and staff uplift each other and the community they serve. Adversity is confronted with personal responsibility, leadership, and perseverance to achieve success. Skills and talents are to help others and face challenges with confidence and poise. School and community are continually engaged in learning and growing together with spirit and pride.