New Program Builds Academic Skills at MMS!

Dear Parent,
We have purchased a program (IXL) for students to practice and build academic skills while they are at school or at home. We want to encourage you to have your student use this tool to practice at home.
Here are some benefits and a link.
▪ Web-based (Internet access required) allowing the student access on any device.
▪ Learning program offering unlimited math, language arts, science, and social studies practice across thousands of skills—all of which are aligned to Arkansas Standards.
▪ Students learn at their own pace. It adapts and adjusts to the
student’s demonstrated understanding of the material.
▪ All results are saved to monitor the students’ progress on Analytics, which teachers can access to see student strengths.
If your student is home for any reason, sick, quarantined, blended, etc., please support your child’s success by making certain they use this website for learning, skill improvement. This will also help them prepare for their ACT Aspire Test, which is the state test required for all students to take in April.
Our goal is the success of all students – prepared to advance to next year, High School, college, and career. When “our” students obtain a high-wage job, our community reaps the benefits. It is in every person’s best interest for our students to be successful. We cannot reach these goals without your assistance.