21 Make Region Band !

Congratulations to the following Mena High School Band students for making the Region 8 All Region Concert Bands:

Jaci Allen- 3 rd band, 2 nd chair Flute
Katie Benefield-3 rd band, 8 th chair Flute
Ranessa Ricker-3 rd band, 11 th chair Flute
Annika Thompson-1 st band, 2 nd chair Oboe
Lexi Williams-2 nd band, 4 th chair clarinet
Lexi Dilbeck-2 nd band, 15 th chair clarinet
Suzanne Lawrence- 2 nd band, 18 th chair clarinet
Breezy Hendrix-3 rd band, 3 rd chair bass clarinet
Emily Holloway-Alto Saxophone Alternate
Kate McDonald-2 nd band, 2 nd chair Tenor Saxophone
Cadence Barnes-2 nd band, 3 rd chair Tenor Saxophone
Shylee Head-2 nd band, 1 st chair Bari Saxophone
Levi McIntyre-2 nd band, 13 th chair Trumpet
Esmerelda Johnson- Trumpet Alternate
Gage Gorden-Trombone Alternate
Ayden Ludwig-2 nd band, 3 rd chair Baritone
Layla Spenser-3 rd band, 2 nd chair Baritone
Samuel Cross-2 nd band, 1 st chair Tuba
Daniel McDonald-3 rd band, 6 th chair Tuba
Alexia Minzel-2 nd band, 8 th chair Percussion
Summer Loar-3 rd band, 4 th chair Percussion

Congratulations to the following students for qualifying to try out for the Arkansas All-State Band:
Annika Thompson, Lexi Williams, Kate McDonald, Shylee Head, Ayden Ludwig, and Samuel