Polk County Virtual Academy Enrollment for the Spring Semester is NOW OPEN! Interested students and families can contact Teresa Warner at teresa.warner@menaschools.org or Bridget Buckley at bridget.buckley@menaschools.org or by phone at (479) 394-1710. Student registration for the spring will be accepted through January 9th with late registration accepted on an individual basis. Students who are interested in transferring from their home district should act fast!
Polk County Virtual Academy is a flexible educational option that allows students to create the pathway that works best for them! With our years of experience in education, our team has the ability to work with students and families to develop the plan that will provide the most success for each individual student.
PCVA students can participate in all activities including Athletics, Band, Robotics and ESports. We can tailor a student's experience to their needs and help them move towards their career goals
Reach out and let us help you make a plan!